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Class Rooms

-Places spending time as a child-

​Sold out

September 28th,2018 on Sale

Limited edition 200 issues with numbers

Price : 1,500 yen (tax inc)

Size : A4, 88 pages

Class Rooms -Places spending time as a child-

 As a photographer, I wondered what theme should be for my first photo book, “Children at Risk in the Philippines” or “Students without school building in Pakistan”. What is my style? When thinking so, I asked myself why I became a photographer. In the first place, I was not aiming for being a photographer. My goal is a quite simple that I want to make children’s life improved and my mission is telling their real figure. Thanks to Children I met through KnK’s activities, I am what I am now.

 I appreciate with the children in the world being growing together. And I was drowned how beautiful children are, those who studied so hard with a little condition and had an innocent look. It led to the theme "Class Rooms - Places spending time as a child".

Secrets in the notebooks

 There is a thing I am looking forward to when shooting children studying. That's a "secret" written in the notebook. When I pointed at the camera, a boy always kept a poker face showed me a note and found a cute graffiti from his face. I bet it would be a secret to the teacher. When asking "Please let me take this a while", he looked embarrassed with happy face. What a child like he was! I shouted in my mind. From such experience, I put the children's "secret" everywhere in this photo book to deliver secret gifts from children to you.

 I never thought of myself as an artist and I do not think that this photo album is an art work. So, I did not make a beautifully printed photo book on pure white paper. My photographs are just showing you children in front of me. To tell even a little "feeling of the work place", I wanted to value the "childlikeness" that you may feel as you turn over the page and pick this book in your hands. If you feel that "sense of the workplace" and you can make children in the world closer, this book will play its part

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