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KnK Photo Exhibition 2018 「Class Rooms
Period : September 13 (Thu) - 19th (Wed)  

Place : Aidem Photo Gallery "Sirius"

The exhibition was closed. I appreciate so many visitors came to see children in 14 countries and a region. 

One in five visitors kindly bought a photo book "Class Rooms". It is still on sale in this web site. 

- Photo book "Class Rooms" (limited edition with collectors number, 200 issues) is on sale in this web site.  You can also order from here.

- Visit Facebook Diary​​ "Class Rooms"


  Almost 20 years after I involved with an NGO, KnK Japan, I have visited overseas sites and I have met so many children. I have a language barriers with those children. I can't speak local language and they neither understand what I spoke in English but we understand each other with gesture. Every time I visited them they grew old and strong. Some of them had their own family. "I studied desperately because I didn't want back to a life in poverty again. I studied from 4 am until I went to school and I studied again til mid night.". I touched with tears I when a young Cambodian guy, Sinat, told me in fluent English.
  What is necessary for study? Stationary? Is it a school? It is so hard for children working to live today to go to school rather than what we imagine. If they could spare a little time for study, even if they didn't go to school, there would be thier "Class Room". The "Class Room" is not limited to study but they can spend their own time  they can do anything, music, sports, art or fun if they wish.         Children in the world spend time in the "Class Room"  in various environments. The time brings them ahead for the future.
  I sometimes feel depressed when I see reality children being in the difficult situation. On the other hand I move when I see children making the best effort with clear eyes. I wish to tell people what those children are I declared to be a photographer 2 years ago. I would not say I change the world with my photos but I hope to make children's life better with my photo.


Kyo Shimizu

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